Cuisine / Hot Spring


We provide you Kaiseki style meal made with seasonal ingredients and artistically presented by our chef.
You can enjoy breakfast and dinner in the private dining room.


We find and source the best ingredients possible especially from our local area to serve you the best food. All the meals are provided in the private dining room. A wide variety of drinks that goes well with Japanese food is selected by our head chef. Please enjoy the great marriage of drink and meal.

Dining room

The private dining room promises you peaceful and luxury time.

Dining room Dining room

Hot SpringHot Spring

Yunohana hot spring heals your body and mind

You can enjoy soaking in the hot spring bath while savoring the nature. Legend has it that federal warlords visited Yunohana hot spring to heal their wounds in the Warring States period of Japanese history. Many people still visit this well-known hot spring from all over the country.





Private bath

Private bath

Enjoy the change of seasons while indulging in the stone-craft open-air bath. No amenity such as body soap or shampoo is available. You can only use a shower here.
(2,000 yen for 50 minutes. Tax excluded)

Hot spring name Yunohana Hot Spring
Quality of hot spring Hot spring with a hypotonic low alkaline level
Benefits Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusion, twisted joint, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, soothing effect, health enhancement, gout, arterial sclerosis, high-blood pressure, chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic skin disease, and women's diseases.

Spa -Raran-Spa -Raran-

Spa Raran

Raran makes you and your life more BEAUTIFUL.Raran makes you and your life more BEAUTIFUL.

Ayurveda TherapyAyurveda Therapy
・Rejuvenation and cleansing treatment.
・Detox for body and spirit, and restoration of the body's natural balance.
Ayurveda is a genuine form of therapy based on traditional medicine. While you are being soothed by the finest medicinal herb oils, a therapist provides the ultimate in healing using techniques from Sri Lanka, one of the homes of Ayurveda. Let us help you feel more refreshed than you have ever felt before...
(Through counseling, we will use only the oils which will be best for you.)
* So that we can select the oils which suit you best, please fill out a Dosha Counseling Checksheet in advance and bring it with you.
[Whole-Body Care]Whole-Body Care
With a history of 5,000 years, Ayurveda helps in balancing the body and mind with herbal oil.
Total Body Abhyanga Course 65 minutes 16,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

We perform a whole-body detox for accumulated fatigue, coldness, swelling and so on.
* A medicinal herb oil treatment applied from head to toe (excluding the face).

Head & Deep Body Abhyanga Course95 minutes20,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

We loosen the head, and remove tension and fatigue from the neck, shoulders and back and from the waist down to the feet.
* A popular course which enjoys high levels of customer satisfaction. Loosens stiffness and can also detox.  A popular course which can also be enjoyed by men.

* For either course,if you would like to combine with Face Care, we offer a 2,000 yen discount.

[Face Care]Face Care
Shiatsu massage helps the body eliminate waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems thereby reducing fatigue increasing energy.
Face Care35 minutes8,500 yen
(Tax is excluded)

Relaxes your face, removing tightness caused by tension and dullness and dryness caused by a lack of everyday care.
* A course concentrating on the face. We will lightly touch on the decollete line, but if you desire a more thorough decollete treatment, please add the decollete option.

Lift Up Face Care45 minutes11,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

Face care with results, effective for swelling and undesirable sagging. Sharpens the face line for that "small face" look. We base our approach on the facial muscles.
* A recommended course which easily gives results. (Results may differ from person to person.)
* For either course, you can select premium oils ("rank-up oils") for the course price + 2,000 yen.

Ultimate Head, Neck and Shoulder Abhyanga Course60 minutes13,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

Recommended for people who experience exhaustion and fatigue in the course of their everyday work. Recommended for people who use their heads a lot. Also recommended for men.
* After removing fatigue from the head, the course moves on to the face, neck and shoulders. This course will give you the wonderful sensation that your head has somehow grown lighter.

[Back Care]Back Care
Massaging with essential oils selected specifically for your needs relaxes both your body and mind.
Concentrated Back Course35 minutes9,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

Your whole body will feel lighter thanks to concentrated care for back stiffness. Also effective for eyestrain from computer use.
* Neck, shoulders, back and waist.

Concentrated Back Course + Decollete 45 minutes11,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
[Shiatsu Body Care]Shiatsu Body Care
Shiatsu massage helps the body eliminate waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems thereby reducing fatigue increasing energy.
Part Body Intensive Course 45 minutes 5,500 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Full Body Short Course 60 minutes 7,500 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Full Body Standard Course 90 minutes 11,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
[Foot Care]Foot Care
Massaging with essential oils selected specifically for your needs relaxes both your body and mind.
Foot Care30 minutes8,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)

Recommended for swelling, tiredness and undesirable fatigue of the feet. A trial course is also available.

trial course15 minutes3,500 yen
(Tax is excluded)

* From the knees down.

Head10 minutes2,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Decollete10 minutes2,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Soles of the feet10 minutes2,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Optional extension10 minutes2,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Rank-up oils+2,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
Synchro Double Hand All body courses + 3,000 yen
(Tax is excluded)
「Introducing "Synchro Double Hand"...」「Introducing Synchro Double Hand...」
Two therapists move as one to treat your whole body. A technique unique to Ayurveda. Four arms envelop your whole body and remove all trace of stiffness and fatigue in short order.
The soothing effects of Ayurveda Detox can even reach fatigue in muscles and organs beneath your skin.